self-registerable standard DLLs

John K. Hohm jhohm at
Tue Jun 11 14:49:42 CDT 2002

Quoting Tony Lambregts <tony_lambregts at>:

> >>which should suffice for normal Wine installations.  Despite this, is it
> >>generally acceptable to have actual code to register/unregister a
> standard
> >>COM server DLL in its Dll[Un]RegisterServer?  It would be redundant for
> >>normal Wine, but hey, it's not big or complex.
> >
> >Actually putting that in DllRegisterServer is arguably the right way
> >to do it. What we should have is some kind of installation step that
> >would register the Wine dlls, instead of having to put everything in
> >winedefault.reg.
> >
> Would it be a good idea to create a bug report for this?... Or does 
> someone want to implement it right away...

I was just about ready to send the last patch to complete the comcat.dll 
implementation, fixing bug 652.  I don't think another bug is necessary; I'll 
implement Dll[Un]RegisterServer before pronouncing the bug fixed.  Hopefully 
doing this in the next couple of days will be "right away" enough for you. ;-)

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