locale tests failed

Paul Millar paulm at astro.gla.ac.uk
Wed Jun 12 07:57:50 CDT 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, [iso-8859-1] Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
[Regression test output w/ locale tests failing under fr_FR]

The tests also fail under en_GB:
> tests/locale.c:219: Test failed: GetCurrencyFormat got 
> £2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx^E instead of $23.53
> tests/locale.c:226: Test failed: GetCurrencyFormat got £23.53 instead of 
> $23.53

It looks like the regression tests assume you are using a US locale. If
you set LANG=en_US it works fine.

BTW, has MS taken down their API reference from the MSDN website? I was
looking for the Win32 API reference on the MSDN web-site (to try and fix
the regression tests), but I couldn't find them. As far as I can remember,
it was available from MSDN Home --> MSDN Library --> Windows Development
--> Win32 API ... but there's only a sample chapter from a book there now.


Paul Millar

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