dlls/ddraw build problem

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Thu Jun 13 12:54:34 CDT 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Steven Edwards wrote:

> Hola,
> While everyone is looking at the new directx stuff can
> someone check and see if there is a easy way to fix
> this?
> dsurface/dib.o(.text+0x38a):dib.c: undefined reference
> to `DIB_CreateDIBSection'

No, I think this is actually the reason ddraw hasn't been properly
DLL-separated in Wine proper yet - there's no easy fix (except for "major
breakage is OK"-style fixes).

But never fear, I'm actually currently working on making more proper use
of the DirectDraw HAL. This would let the x11drv HAL itself create the
special DIB sections it needs, rather than having the ddraw.dll call this
nonstandard entry point. I was planning to submit it to rewind when I was
done (will take another week or so depending on my workload).

Unfortunately, it's still going to be kinda unlikely to work on real
Windoze (the NT/2000 HAL is different from the win95 HAL, and we use the
win95 HAL structures with the 16-bit parts treated like 32-bit parts, so
it isn't compatible with anything)

> >From the changelog on 2000-04-29 Ove implemented this
> in graphics/x11drv/dib.c, include/bitmap.h,
> include/gdi.h, include/x11drv.h, objects/dib.c. 
> I havent had time to look at the new DIB engine
> patches from transgamming to see if they could fix
> this, so if they do then please send this email to
> /dev/null.

No, this has nothing to do with the DIB engine.

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