Return and absolut path in DRIVE_FindDriveRoot

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sun Jun 16 13:04:22 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Wetherell <mike.wetherell at> writes:

    Michael> On Friday 14 Jun 2002 6:20 pm, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
    >> some application (xilinx webpack) dind't find it's initialisation
    >> file when started in the debugger ("winedbg bin/nt/webpack.exe"
    >> versus "wine bin/nt/exepack" started in "l:/xilinx"). As trap there
    >> is also a directory "l:/xilinx/xilinx". The starting process (wine or
    >> winedbg) set the current working directory to l: and when winedbg
    >> started the user process, DRIVE_Chdir in DIR_Init set the current
    >> directory to "l:/xilinx/xilinx".  This was caused by
    >> DRIVE_FindDriveRoot not returning an absolute path.

    Michael> I'm sorry about that, I should have forseen it. Your patch does
    Michael> of course fix it (and that's how it was before) but I think it
    Michael> might be better to make the change to DIR_Init() instead
    Michael> though.

That's what my first try was. However I thought fixing the (perceived) root
of the problem was better.

    Michael> I think the trouble with trying to return the leading slash in
    Michael> the result of DRIVE_FindDriveRoot() is that whether you get an
    Michael> absolute or relative path depends on whether we are at a
    Michael> drive's root or not, rather than whether the input unix path is
    Michael> absolute or not.

    Michael> So since DRIVE_FindDriveRoot() can't always do it correctly I
    Michael> think it would probably be better if it didn't do it at all,
    Michael> that way the caller knows they have to deal with it rather than
    Michael> it working some of the time, but other times giving rise subtle
    Michael> problems.

I find only two calls to DRIVE_FindDriveRoot("find -type f -name \*.c |xargs
grep DRIVE_FindDriveRoot") and in both cases we have an absolute path (
returned from cwd() or checked for a slash as the first character). So I
think we can live with  DRIVE_FindDriveRoot being imperfect, as long as long
as with return a leading slash. 
But if you have a better solution, please let me test.

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