Return and absolut path in DRIVE_FindDriveRoot

Michael Wetherell mike.wetherell at
Sun Jun 16 12:14:50 CDT 2002

On Friday 14 Jun 2002 6:20 pm, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> some application (xilinx webpack) dind't find it's initialisation file when
> started in the debugger ("winedbg bin/nt/webpack.exe" versus "wine
> bin/nt/exepack" started in "l:/xilinx"). As trap there is also a directory
> "l:/xilinx/xilinx". The starting process (wine or winedbg) set the current
> working directory to l: and when winedbg started the user process,
> DRIVE_Chdir in DIR_Init set the current directory to "l:/xilinx/xilinx".
> This was caused by DRIVE_FindDriveRoot not returning an absolute path.

I'm sorry about that, I should have forseen it. Your patch does of course 
fix it (and that's how it was before) but I think it might be better to make 
the change to DIR_Init() instead though.

I think the trouble with trying to return the leading slash in the result of 
DRIVE_FindDriveRoot() is that whether you get an absolute or relative path 
depends on whether we are at a drive's root or not, rather than whether the 
input unix path is absolute or not.

So since DRIVE_FindDriveRoot() can't always do it correctly I think it would 
probably be better if it didn't do it at all, that way the caller knows they 
have to deal with it rather than it working some of the time, but other times 
giving rise subtle problems.

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