replacements for DAO/MSHTML/MSXML

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sun Jun 16 16:45:48 CDT 2002

We discussed this a little at wineconf and I think the
answer is yes it is possible. There was a question on
threading problems with mozilla and WINE. If I remeber
correctly Ove submitted a pthread patch to wine that
might help with the issues James discussed.  


--- juergen.schmied at wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm currently looking for a replacement of this
> components to port a application to linux. 
> Has anybody already had this problems and how did
> you solve it? How big are the nessesary changes? Are
> there components usable for both operating systems
> with similar functions?
> ------
> PS:
> I found the Mozilla Active X control at
> it should be binary compatible. 
> Couldn't we use it for implementing shdocvw ???
> ------
> Thanks
> Juergen

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