PowerBuilder 6.0 generated applications crash accessing date fields

Luigi Capriotti l.capriotti at libero.it
Mon Jun 17 09:42:14 CDT 2002

I'm trying to run a PB-generated application under Wine, but every panel 
with date-time fields generate a crash.
By means of winedbg I've managed to track the crashes to a limited set 
of function calls into the runtime engine PBVM60.DLL (namely 
PBE_SetData, PBE_FmtSetDataString, PBE_FmtSetMask ) which are called by 
the engine itself whenever creating dialogs.
It seems to me a dialog property is not correctly initialised, leading 
to a segfault accessing an invalid pointer.

I've managed to package a minimal test application into


hoping some Wine expert can provide advices-directions,

Thanks in advance for any help.


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