PATCH: fix for RPM

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Tue Jun 18 12:15:06 CDT 2002

On 18 Jun 2002, Vincent Béron wrote:

> Le mar 18/06/2002 à 11:49, Pavel Roskin a écrit :
> > I'm copying my message to the list, because I'm afraid that the RPMs on
> > are not really maintained.  I remember seeing
> > the same error a few months ago, I just didn't have time to report it.
> > How can this error remain unfixed for months, if it makes Wine useless?
> Kristian should now how many people downloads each versions. As to why
> it hasn't been fixed before, a few ideas: people install from the
> .tar.gz, people install from their distro, people fix it each time,
> people have another RPM source, people use Debian. Or (it is a
> possibility, although I think it's very unlikely) Kristian has ignored
> previous patches.
> But is this list appropriate for questions about third-party Wine
> packaging?

If it does not get fixed, then it should be removed from the WineHQ
download page. There's no point into directing people to broken

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