Dynamically linking with a Unix library - or not

Shachar Shemesh linuxil at consumer.org.il
Wed Jun 19 05:55:25 CDT 2002

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

>I wonder if WINE already has bidi tables of unicode too, if it 
>has, no problem using it.
Wrong, I'm afraid. The WINE BiDi table only has the information as 
defined in Window's GetStringType function. Quoting:
Name Value Meaning

C2_LEFTTORIGHT 0x0001 Left to right
C2_RIGHTTOLEFT 0x0002 Right to left

C2_EUROPENUMBER 0x0003 European number, European digit
C2_EUROPESEPARATOR 0x0004 European numeric separator
C2_EUROPETERMINATOR 0x0005 European numeric terminator
C2_ARABICNUMBER 0x0006 Arabic number
C2_COMMONSEPARATOR 0x0007 Common numeric separator

C2_BLOCKSEPARATOR 0x0008 Block separator
C2_SEGMENTSEPARATOR 0x0009 Segment separator
C2_WHITESPACE 0x000A White space
C2_OTHERNEUTRAL 0x000B Other neutrals
*Not applicable*

C2_NOTAPPLICABLE 0x0000 No implicit directionality (for example, control 

If that's enough - great. I was under the impression this is not enough 
for 3.0 Unicode implementation.

>>As for compiling Fribidi with UTF-16 - from what I understood from what 
>>you said before, such a thing may cause reordering problems if Fribidi 
>>decides, for whatever reason, that a surrogate character needs to be 
>>right to left. I am not 100% familiar with the bidi algorythm yet, but 
>>won't marking all surrogate forms (both slices) as strong left to right 
>>solve this problem?
>The problem you are talking about will show itself when some one 
>use RLO..PDF pairs (override embeddings) over some surrogate 
>pairs, but this is not the main problem, I can hach fribidi to 
>take care of surrogates and reorder them back if needed (really 
>easy), the real problem is that when using UTF-16, fribidi will 
>assume all surrogate characters LTR (strong left to right), but 
>there *are* non-LTR characters there already (like language 
>tags), and it may cause to different renderings.  If you want 
>conformance, UTF-32 is needed ;-(.
Hmm. Ok, I'll write a mental note to look at it later.

>>If not, we can always put in special handling that reorders surrogates 
>>as a pair.
That sounds like the ultimate solution? If we already implement 
re-reordering for wrongly ordered surrogates, we don't have to mark them 
all as strong LTR. Right?

>>            Shachar

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