How to make a stub dll ?

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Jun 19 14:27:30 CDT 2002

Ian D. Stewart wrote:
> I did some initial work implementing a stup ctl3d.dll (which I intend 
> to get back to, honest!).  I found the 'IMPLEMENTING A NEW DLL' section 
> of DEVELEPORS-HINTS to be a good starting point.  According to 
> Alexandre, this file is grossly outdated and 'real' documentation will 
> be written eventually.  Until then, I reckon DEVELOPERS-HINTS is better 
> than a poke in the eye...

Of course, someone that is not familiar with the process, and works 
through the documentation keeping notes on what the problems in the docs 
are, would be in an ideal position to provide corrections...

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