Regression Bug in Wine MM (Bug #817)

Rob Browning rlb at
Thu Jun 27 09:51:55 CDT 2002

"Ian D. Stewart" <idstewart at> writes:

> Yeah, I've seen that too.  I have noticed that if you run wine
> --debugmsg trace+relay, Baldur's Gate slows to a crawl, *but* it
> doesn't lock up after playing movies.  Don't know if that helps any
> developers or not...

Interesting -- wonder if it's timing or a different code path that's
helping there.  In any case I'm happy to help track this down too if I

>> While I know you can truncate the movie files to get around this,
> How do you do that?

I believe there are comments in the applications database under either
Baldur's Gate or Baldur's Gate II, but basically, if you've got a lot
of disk space, make a directory, change your .wine/conf to think that
directory is the CD drive, and copy the cd1, cd2, etc. dirs from the
CDs to that directory -- I just do it whenever the game asks for a new
CD, but in that case (if the game's running) make sure you copy to a
tmp name and then rename the directory so the game won't try to use
the dir before it's finished.

Once you've done that, then (for example), after you've seen the
initial movie, you can "mv cd1/movies/moviecd1.bif
cd1/movies/moviecd1.bif.real" and then "touch
cd1/movies/moviecd1.bif".  It won't play the movie again.  That's
about all I know -- I'm not sure whether the above disables that one
movie, or many movies (I'm guessing maybe the latter), and I don't
know where the "resting tent movie" is yet, so that hangs the game

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