VxD's and hardlocks

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Fri Mar 1 09:55:33 CST 2002


I am trying to run a point of sale app on wine.
It uses a hard lock on the parallel port from
www.proteq.com .

This hard lock is implemented as a proteq.DLL , proteq.VxD pair.

I read the documentation and browsed the mail lists
and understood that VxD's have to be rewritten to work
in wine. It is impossible to run a native VxD due
to low level implementation conflicts between nix'es
and Windows. All VxD's are builtin so to speak.

I understand that www.proteq.com supports linux.

Therefore, for my windows app to work under wine without modification, I would
have to create a builtin proteq.DLL that accesses the linux's libs written by

Is this correct?



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