Question about ToolbarWindowProc

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Mar 1 12:26:45 CST 2002

"Guy L. Albertelli" <galberte at> wrote:

> After more thought (this is still supposition), I think that lParam is a
> LPSIZE. Also that the code (at least partially) could be:


> Note that there has to be some difference between [0463] and TB_GETMAXSIZE.
> Also I have seen some of the values being -1 or other small values.
> Making the changes to spy.c and seeing what the natvie control does will be
> the key.

Hello Guy.

I have attached the result of my work in understanding of workings of 0x0463.
It seems that all cases except of "if(wParam == 1)" work as expected.
Hope it will help to concentrate our efforts.

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