Running SetiQueue on Wine...

Ken Reneris ken at
Mon Mar 4 17:47:42 CST 2002

Dear fellows,

I have a small program called SetiQueue, that is an add-on to the
popular Seti At Home project.  There has been a lot of interest for
various Linux/Unix ports of SetiQueue.   Instead of doing such a port I
would much rather get it running on Wine.   The program itself it rather
basic in it's OS usage and I am sort of surprised it doesn't just run on

As not having Linux myself, I would be interested in knowing if there is
a Wine expert that would want to work with me in getting it running.
Either through changes in SetiQueue or Wine where ever appropriate.  In
the end I think this would help both products be more robust.

In you have any questions or interest, just reply.

	- Thanks, Ken

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