Accelerators - stupid question.

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Mar 7 21:30:20 CST 2002

Good day!

Any time juno raises a msgbox(?) dialog(?) modal window(?) popup(?) its
general purpose accelerators are disabled.  I guess that is more or less
proper, but they stay disabled after the msgbox or whatever is
satisfied, which seems less proper.  If I switch the window manager to a
different workspace(?) and back, the accelerators work again.

AFAICT, hAccel is supplied to TranslateAccelerator by the caller, but it
seems there must be some generic place the caller gets it, that needs to
be restored to its previous state when a window is destroyed?

I would be grateful for a hint where to look in the code, or what traces
to look at, or any other advice you have for someone who is GUI
challenged and mostly but not entirely stupid.


Probable user head space error. - Dennis A. Moore

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