Agenda for wineconf

Michael Robertson michael at
Thu Mar 7 21:11:22 CST 2002

> Michael, is there a final solution for video broadcasting?
> I want to post this announcment as well as broadcasting URL for the
> slashdot readers (I'm a slashdot author), but it really depends how
> "strong" the video servers will be as well as bandwidth limitation...


The community is really coming together nicely so I think we're going to 
have a sturdy video solution to broadcast wineconf 2002. 

Raymond Steding from is doing a lot of work to setup servers and 
will have 3 cameras at the event capturing it. He's the brains behind the 
video operation and is doing lots of work to make it happen. Here's what 
Raymond told me he has organized:

Mandrake is donating a T1 for the event. I have several 784kbps servers 
and I'm in the process of getting UCLA to donate a server. Let me know if I 
can have three feeds from three separate cameras (computers) going to a hub 
and then out to the net to the various streaming server locations. I'm 
planning on 56k streams. is donating $500 to Linux Public Broadcasting Network to help 
defray some of the costs. 

I don't have the url at which the video will be streamed from yet, but if 
people go to the main conference page at: we'll have 
a link to go to the video. 

If people miss the original broadcast that shouldn't be a problem because I 
believe the videos will be available on for later viewing. 

Again, special thanks to, Raymond Steding and Mandrake for making 
this possible. 

-- MR

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