DDE problems on 16bit Apps

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Sun Mar 10 05:26:39 CST 2002


On tuesday, I will run the test and write back.

I have detected that the second app is not coming up correctly due to 
problems in BWCC.DLL (Borland Window Component DLL).  It seems the APP is 
not initializing correctly and so DDE is not being truly tested.

How can I "look inside" BWCC.DLL and see if it is doing some kind of 
strange calls outside win16/win32 API?

Thanks for the help with DDE.


At 14:33 9/3/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>list at vmn.com.br a écrit :
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Below is the initialisation code of PDV.EXE (a), the app that
> > calls DISP.EXE and thens set's up DDE.
> > Both are 16bit. I have added some comments to try and
> > clarify the code. I have also added the output of
> >  wine --debugmsg +dll,+shell,+ddeml PDV.EXE (b).
> >
> > Yesterday, I ran winedbg and set a breakpoint on DDeConnect.
> > A backtrace from the function is below (c).
> > The step through the function showed that
>the trace is different from the other day.
>the other day, the second program was getting initialized (in a DDE
>standpoint) after the first one tried to connect
>here, this part goes well, but the XTYP_CONNECT on the server side
>(second program) returns 0, whereas it should return a non zero
>value when it accepts the connection
>there's some missing part in the 16/32 conversion for this message,
>so would you mind checking the reasons why  XTYP_CONNECT on server
>side would return 0

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