Agenda for wineconf

Michael Robertson michael.robertson at
Mon Mar 11 13:38:13 CST 2002

Jeremy White writes: 

> I'd like to propose a slight change in format, Michael. 
> Rather than an emphasis solely on presentations, I
> think we would do well to have more of a mix of presentations and
> working groups. 
> For example, I think it would be great to have a working
> group tackle the issue of performance in Wine. 
> I'd be happy to spark a 'What should be in Wine 1.0?' discussion 
> group on Friday (can't make it on Saturday). 
> Also, I think that Francois's topic might sensibly be shifted
> into a discussion of how best to do regression testing. 
> Of course, this implies that white boards and laptop power
> will be a key ingredient... 
> Thoughts?  Comments?  Other working group topics we should address?

We can provide the white boards and laptop power, if the attendees can 
provide the brain power, this sounds like a great idea. 

Several have talked to me about more discussion formats which I did think 
some of the presentations would evolve to. But if we want to explicitly do 
this that would be great. 

Your broad technical understanding and knowledge of the community make you 
ideally suited for such a task. Feel free to coordinate online discussions 
to arrive at such a format for part of the time. If attendees which to 
slightly alter their talks to the proposed format, that's fine. Just 
coordinate through Jeremy. 

I've had several comments from attendees about how focusing on debugger 
discussions would be of tremendously value. 

 -- MR

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