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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 19 07:49:20 CST 2002

I'm glad for you guys you had great time there!

I wanted to raise the Bugzilla topic, but waited for
the license discussions to finish.

--- michael cardenas <michael.cardenas at lindows.com> 
> Dimitry brought up the issue
> that it is important to have small enough bugs that
> developers can work on them.

In this regard there should be 2 categories of bugs:
a) metabugs
b) tasklets

The metabugs are big and pretty much general. Good
metabugs are: "Wine 0.9", "dll separation". Then we
make a lot of small bugs - "tasklets" and make the
metabugs depend on them.

> dimitry suggested posting the top 10 or
> 20 bugs to wine-devel every other week, and I
> suggested putting the in WWN.

I'm not sure about usefullness of this one. What we
need are people, responsible for Wine subsystems. Whe
a bug is confirmed than it is assigned to developer
(bug administrator ?), responsible for the subsystem.

> A new mailing list
> will be created, called wine-bugs so that people can
> be notified of new bugs and hopefully respond to
> users in a timely manner. 

We already have such list. It is called "wine-user"
Really, one of the goals of the wine-user list is to
discuss issues with wine and the wine users are
already signed to it! I don't want to have too many
mailing lists to subscribe to.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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