Road to 0.9

Michael Cardenas michael.cardenas at
Tue Mar 19 19:12:57 CST 2002

The problem with only testing releases is that so many patches go into a 
release, that you won't know what patch broke your app.

I think the real problem is, what would your cron job do after the "wine 
{my app}" stage?

how about doing a

"wine {my app} > myapp.log && tail -f myapp.log | grep 'segfault 
occurred' && mail me at "my app crashed" ^D^D^D

or some such thing in a more robust script? I know the above syntax 
won't work, but basically, check the output of the app and look for some 
kind of crash condition, and mail yourself if it occurs.

Francois Gouget wrote:

>>I could probably even setup a simple cron job on my server that does a
>>"cvs up -dP && configure && make && make install && wine {my appp}"
>>and tests whether the application comes up, notifying me if it doesn't.
>   I think that doing it each time Alexandre releases a new version of
>Wine (about every two weeks) would even be enough... at least until we
>reach 0.9. Then we would want to know about breakage during or before
>the -betaX/-preX phase.
>   But if you can do it weekly it's even better. It's just that I don't
>want to scare other volunteers who may think we expect them to test
>their applications with a new Wine every day :-)

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