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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Tue Mar 19 19:41:40 CST 2002

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Michael Cardenas wrote:

> The problem with only testing releases is that so many patches go into a
> release, that you won't know what patch broke your app.

   Well, you only have about two weeks worth of patches to check. It's
already better than the current situation where applications are not
tested on a regular basis so that when a bug is reported there may be
months of patches to check out.

> I think the real problem is, what would your cron job do after the "wine
> {my app}" stage?
> how about doing a
> "wine {my app} > myapp.log && tail -f myapp.log | grep 'segfault
> occurred' && mail me at "my app crashed" ^D^D^D

   The problem is that if the application does not crash it is likely to
stay up indefinitely waiting for you to do something...
   Rather than automating the testing, it may be better to automate the
process of updating Wine. This can be done completely unattended and can
thus be done daily. Maybe a procedure documenting how to do this would
be useful.
   Then as soon as Wine breaks something the user will know about it,
just by using the application for normal stuff. Add to this a weekly
check to see if any of the known bugs has been fixed, update the
Application database entry if that's the case, and we have something
which I think is close to ideal. Of course it would be wise to keep a
known good Wine release in store in case Wine does break stuff.

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