Why Wine is like playing the guitar

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 03:14:30 CST 2002

> "this software is 
> designed to run the following:
> 	MS Word
> 	Lotus Notes
> 	Quicken"

You really have two tasks at hand. 
1. Running some windows apps
2. Moving People off of Windows Apps

To reach these goals you will only need to support a
limited number of software configs. I will propose my
list with some suggestions. Your top 10 list should be
something like this and during the install or post
install you should offer the user the option to
"Upgrade" these apps.

1. Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.)
2. Internet Explorer.
3. AOL
4. TuboTax
5. Quicken/QuickBooks
6. Lotus Notes
7. All of the P2P software
8. Juno
9. Act
10. The Palm Desktop
1. StarOffice/KOffice (Bitch because of no Outlook
2. Mozilla/Konq (Auto Import of Favorites?)
3. Wine+AOL (Intergrate with Mozilla)
4. Wine+TuboTax/Moz?
5. Wine+Quicken/QuickBooks?
6. Wine+Lotus Notes
7. Wine+All of the P2P software/Native P2P Software
8. Wine+Juno/Moz?
9. Wine+Act
10. Wine+The Palm Desktop

IMHO if this is the type of plan you have in mind. You
should set your development team to do regression
testing on every api these programs use...I dont know
how much more the wine developers can do for you but I
am sure that if they break something that should
already work, they will try to fix it. 

On a Side Note:
One thing that Wine/Lindows and Reactos will need is
to be able to run alot of the newer programs with
tighter Mozzila/NS intigration. This was discussed a
little during James's presentation on the Jscript.dll
interface to Seamonkey. Some of the newer software
loads Internet Explorers MSHTML.DLL for rendering  
and I belive that this software with a little help
from wine could run better with tigher Mozilla

Steven Edwards

Think Outside the Box.

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