IE issues (was Re: wineconf 2002: final things)

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Wed Mar 20 22:44:51 CST 2002

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> I'm today interested by the Internet Explorer screen
> shot. I want to use it to start a game (a plugin
> needed
> by the game to start requests IE to function.)

> I have today problmes with the drawing of the icons
> bar
> where home page, stop, refresh and so on are sitting.
> They display for the moment in all black.
> I would know how to display them correct.
> I tried IE 5, 5.5 and 6 and after all the result is
> the same : black icons are dislayed with all the 3
> versions. Would you have tips ?

IE 4 and IE5.5 (I don't have IE 5 or IE 6 yet) run fair (not well) with the
standard config dll selection and the following overrides:

The issue with black icons is due to something in the native comctl32. If I
use additionally:
I will get the black icons. This started back in the summer of 2001 I think.
The builtin comctl32 displays the icons correctly. However it does have some
other problems.

Note IE is one of the main test vehicles that I use to work on rebar and
toolbar. It is a great test program. It seems to use most of the documented
interfaces for comctl32 and a lot of undocumented ones (see discussion of
the toolbar mesage 0463).


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