Bugzilla and the Apps database

Tony lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Thu Mar 21 08:32:11 CST 2002

Jeremy White wrote:

>In theory, the design and layout of the appdb should allow
>for this integration (we planned for it, just decided to
>keep the implementation as simple as possible).
>The problem is that they are two completely different systems,
>so seamless integration is hard.  However, I think that
>some 'bailing wire and coat hangers' to stitch the two
>together would get us 90% of what we want with 10% of
>the effort.
>One idea could be that each app could have a bugzilla
>id, and then any bugs entered for that app could 
>automatically block the main bugzilla bug id.
>Then Bugzilla does a really nice job of letting
>you see dependency graphs and such.
>So, the app db could gain a "Enter a bug for this app",
>and "See all the bugs listed for this app" button.
>Possibly, the bug entered for the app could also
>have a URL that points back to the app db as well,
>to facilitate cross pollination.
Hell I think thats good enough . The biggest problem with this is having 
two accounts with two passwords any thougths on having them synced.

>>What can I do ?
>Jeremy Newman, you've got a live one.  Maybe get Tony an
>account on winehq and see if he can help with the appdb
>Tony, I think the appdb is mostly PHP/MySQL.  I gather
>that Bugzilla is a whole bucket of other stuff.
Only problem with this is I haven't really coded in two years (I'm a 
stay at home dad and my youngest is just getting old enough that I don't 
have to watch him every minute.) Oh well, I guess I asked for it. 
Anybody got a PHP manual I could borrow?

>The only hitch you might run into is that Jer is
>planning an overhaul of the appdb code, so it may be
>a bit tricky to work through that.

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