Even more dumb regression questions...

Geoffrey Hausheer it9zui001 at sneakemail.com
Sat Mar 23 12:33:46 CST 2002

InitiallyI thought I'd start with writing a test in Perl, 
and I got some basic stuff working. But then I needed to 
access structures, constants, etc, and had no idea how to 
do this, so I am now rewriting my test in C.  My 
understanding was that for the most part, the C and Perl 
testing infrastructure were supposed to be comparable, but 
I haven't seen any examples of how I can do the things I 
mentioined (specifically, access constants (flags for 
functions), or create/read structures required by 

Is this possible to do, and if so could someone give me an 
example of each?  The constants are obviously less 
difficult, in that I could always redefine them in the 
test, but being able to manipulate structures seems like 
it would be a requirement for the framework.

Sorry if this is all really straight forward.


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