Introduction and Sparc Solaris Status

Warren_Baird at Warren_Baird at
Mon Mar 25 08:36:34 CST 2002

> On Sparc processor? you mean you're emulating all the other layers too? like
> processor, ram, video etc? isn't it kinda ... slow?

Note that I said "winelib", and not "wine".  Winelib only allows you to
*recompile* win32 apps on *nix platforms.  So I can take win32 source code, and
compile and run it on solaris, hence no emulation is required...

> Have you managed to run something a bit more complicated then notepad? again -

> I (and I'm sure others) will be happy to hear about this stuff...

Not yet.  I've built the winemine, notepad and clock sample programs so far...
My intent is to try to get the cursor issue fixed, and then worry about porting
the rest of our code...


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