Unicode, i18n support

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Sun Mar 31 04:30:03 CST 2002

"Francois Gouget" <fgouget at free.fr> wrote:

>    Bug 98 - Unicode, i18n support is quite vague. How could I flesh it
> out?
> For instance I am thinking that we could convert this into a
> metabug and have one sub bug for each control that still needs to
> be unicodified. So:
>  * which are the common controls that still need to be unicodified?

I believe that all standard USER controls are already coverted to unicode.

>  * are there other controls that need to be unicodified

Probably controls provided by comctl32 need some additional work.

>  * do common dialogs need work?


One more thing that should be addressed IMO as the part of the unicode
support in Wine: file APIs. For instance in the current state all russian
file names created by windows programs are completely unreadable in Linux
because they are created in code page 1251 but native russian encoding
in Linux is KOI8-R (code page 20866). Therefore all file APIs should
work with unicode natively, and convert file names to code page specified
somewhere in the config file (like [x11drv]/TextCP) on create, and vice versa
on reading file names from disk.

>    Another issue, which would fall more in the i18n part is BiDi
> support.  What is the scope of this? Does it require modifications of
> all the controls like unicode?

GetCharacterPlacement and GetFontLanguageInfo should be properly implemented
first. Then only minor tweaks will be required to add support for BiDi to
common controls such as Edit.


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