statusbar question

Medland, Bill Bill.Medland at
Wed May 1 17:19:27 CDT 2002

I am about to have a go at tidying up a little problem with the statusbar
and our application and I want to check as to what we really know and what
we are currently guessing.

Our application has a sunken owner-drawn part in the status bar, in which we
draw multiple icons.  Under WINE the part is not sunken (and the icons are
poorly rendered - a separate issue) but the background colour is OK.

I see that currently the code for statusbar is:
	For all parts
		If owner drawn then let the owner draw it
			fill the background
			if ownerdrawn then let the owner draw it (legacy
				draw the border
				if there is an icon then draw it
				draw the text.
	end for

Can anyone justify this order as opposed to e.g. draw the background, draw
the border, then if owner drawn let the owner draw the rest, otherwise draw
the icon and text?

It seems to me that the latter is more consistant with what I see but I
don't want to break a load of stuff.


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