menu behaviour on window losing focus

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Wed May 1 20:11:27 CDT 2002


Now that my patch to fix the alt behaviour made to the cvs (altough somewhat 
cleaned up by Alexandre :), I'm going on to fix what remained here to fix :)

The problem is that when you activate the menu (by pressing ALT), and then 
the window loses focus, the menu stays active. And when you return to your 
window the menu still has focus. This is not right for two reasons:
1) This is not the windows behaviour - on windows when the window loses focus 
the menu is deactivated. I have tested this. The same is the behaviour with 
2) When you switch beetween windows by Alt+TAB sometimes the menu stays 
active. It does not happen so frequently, but it is annoying.

So I would like to deactivate the menu when the window loses focus.

Can somebody please point me to the point in code where I should put my 
deactivation (a code which is called on window deactivation), and also to the 
function by which I can deactivate the menu.
If nobody answers, I will try to find these myself, but I have thought, that 
maybe there is somebody who can answer these questions in no time.

Thanks in advance
Zsolt Rizsanyi

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