Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu May 2 01:48:35 CDT 2002

the server just misses the instruction to notify the wineconsole program of a change in the title... I'll submit a patch tonight
so you can safely implement the TITLE command

you can try adding this in server/console.c (function set_console_input_info, just after the new title is set when the mask 
has the SET_CONSOLE_INPUT_INFO_TITLE bit set). This should do it.

	    console_input_events_append( console->evt, &evt );


> Question - I modified WCMD to support the 'TITLE' command which passed it
> through to SetConsoleTitle(A), and a simple program which subsequently calls
> GetConsoleTitle shows that the new value is in effect, but I dont see any
> window title for the WCMD shell.
> Is this a limitation of the console handling? (I tried with Managed='Y' and
> with no Managed line in my config file and the result was the same)
> Should I submit the patch to support the title command even though it will
> not be displayed currently? Its simple enough to do.
> Regards,
> Jason

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