xrender patch

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Thu May 2 13:34:44 CDT 2002

Jeremy White wrote:
>>That does fix it, though I was getting used to the client side fonts :(
>>What version of XFree86 is needed to get a good xrender? I am running
>>version 4.1.0.
> You need 4.2.0.  You can also just build libXrender.so,
> which is not that hard to pull out of CVS and build by itself.
> Finally, I have attached the king daddy of all kludges that
> may let you use your Xrender without modification, but
> use at your own risk...  (you'll probably also need to
> hand assemble the patch, it's a delta from our internal
> tree and is not likely to apply).

That one changes the crash point, but still crashes.

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000040 in 32-bit 
code (0x40796dc8).
In 32-bit mode.
Symbol h_errno is invalid
Symbol __strtol_internal is invalid
0x40796dc8 (CreateDCA+0x110 [dc.c:599] in libgdi32.dll.so): movl 
599         if (dc->funcs->pCreateDC &&
=>0 0x40796dc8 (CreateDCA+0x110(driver=0x406fff26, device=0x0, 
output=0x0, initData=0x0) [dc.c:599] in libgdi32.dll.so) (ebp=405b6a74)
   1 0x406ba76c (LoadImageW+0x10c(hinst=0x400000, name=0x12c, type=0x1, 
desiredx=0x0, desiredy=0x0, loadflags=0x8040) [cursoricon.c:2271] in 
user32.dll.so) (ebp=405b6a9c)
   2 0x406ba571 (LoadImageA+0x3d(hinst=0x400000, name=0x12c, type=0x1, 
desiredx=0x0, desiredy=0x0, loadflags=0x8040) [cursoricon.c:2211] in 
user32.dll.so) (ebp=405b6b7c)
   3 0x406b9a46 (LoadIconA+0x26(hInstance=0x400000, name=0x12c) 
[cursoricon.c:1790] in user32.dll.so) (ebp=405b6ba0)
   4 0x00443ae7 (schedit.exe..text+0x42ae7 in 
C:\CapFast\wcs\bin\schedit.exe) (ebp=405b6c18)
   5 0x00413465 (schedit.exe..text+0x12465 in 
C:\CapFast\wcs\bin\schedit.exe) (ebp=405b6ca4)
   6 0x00427fed (schedit.exe..text+0x26fed in 
C:\CapFast\wcs\bin\schedit.exe) (ebp=405b6cd0)
   7 0x004619be (schedit.exe.EntryPoint+0x13fbe in 
C:\CapFast\wcs\bin\schedit.exe) (ebp=405b6dfc)
   8 0x0044dbcc (schedit.exe.EntryPoint+0x1cc in 
C:\CapFast\wcs\bin\schedit.exe) (ebp=405b6e8c)
   9 0x400ca3c8 (start_process+0x264 [process.c:420] in libntdll.dll.so) 
   10 0x400cd78f (call_on_thread_stack+0x23(func=0x400ca164) 
[sysdeps.c:105] in libntdll.dll.so) (ebp=405b6ff4)
   11 0x400cd928 (SYSDEPS_CallOnStack+0x14 in libntdll.dll.so) 

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