Problem with InstallShield (Was Re: [Bug 629] Changed - Problem with InstallShield: ole:CoTreatAsClass(stub), ole:CoGetClassObject)

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon May 6 17:26:20 CDT 2002

Ove Kaaven <ovehk at> writes:

> That was an example of what TransGaming might be willing to exchange it
> against, I don't think Gav made a commitment on that. But the ALSA driver
> is not yet complete, and the situation changed since the suggestion was
> first made; Eric used to be on the Wine side ("against" TransGaming), and
> was willing to write the ALSA driver in exchange for getting more AFPL-ed
> code into Wine, but that was before Wine was LGPL-ed. Now, Eric is on the
> ReWind side ("against" Wine), so now he is also interested in getting more
> LGPL-ed code into ReWind. What he'll exchange the ALSA driver for will
> depend on his priorities, but the deal certainly needs renegotiation in
> any case.

I fail to see how the fact that the driver was written by a Rewind
supporter instead of a Wine supporter should make any difference from
Transgaming's point of view. And I personally don't see Wine as being
"against Transgaming", or Rewind as being "against Wine"; and if
that's how you see it I find that pretty sad. I also don't understand
how this method of holding code back and blackmailing other developers
can be considered a good thing either for Wine, or for Rewind, or for

Alexandre Julliard
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