The Component Categories Manager

John K. Hohm jhohm at
Mon May 6 16:26:32 CDT 2002

I have been playing with getting a large application made with VB6 and using 
many third-party ActiveX controls to work with Wine.  I am currently having a 
problem with the absence of COMCAT.DLL and The Component Categories Manager 
which is ostensibly implemented in it.  In fact, Windows implements it in 
OLE32.DLL; COMCAT.DLL has do-nothing stubs for the registration functions and 
forwards DllGetClassObject to OLE32.DLL.

The MSDN documentation for The Component Categories Manager seems very 
straightforward; it documents ICatRegister and ICatInformation, which I 
believe I could implement.  Since I've not contributed to Wine before, and 
just recently joined the digested list, I want to check the following things:

* Is anyone else working on this at the moment?

* Is there a major technical reason this can't be done yet?

* Is there some other reason for me not to work on this soon?

* How should the source for this new functionality be organized?

* Is there a standard (or exemplary) way to implement IEnumXXXX?  I'll be 

* What should I do when I think I have working code?

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