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Tue May 7 09:53:13 CDT 2002

Hi John, welcome to the list.

--- "John K. Hohm" <jhohm at> wrote:
> I have been playing with getting a large application
> made with VB6 and using 
> many third-party ActiveX controls to work with Wine.
>  I am currently having a 
> problem with the absence of COMCAT.DLL and The
> Component Categories Manager 
> which is ostensibly implemented in it.  In fact,
> Windows implements it in 
> OLE32.DLL; COMCAT.DLL has do-nothing stubs for the
> registration functions and 
> forwards DllGetClassObject to OLE32.DLL.
> The MSDN documentation for The Component Categories
> Manager seems very 
> straightforward; it documents ICatRegister and
> ICatInformation, which I 
> believe I could implement.  Since I've not
> contributed to Wine before, and 
> just recently joined the digested list, I want to
> check the following things:
> * Is anyone else working on this at the moment?

Nobody, as far as I know. I advise you to search
Bugzilla ( for the subj. If
nobody created an entry for this issue, please, create
a bug with detailed description what needs to be done.
Take ownership over the bug if you are starting to
work on it. In this way other developers will know
that you are working on the issue.

> * Is there a major technical reason this can't be
> done yet?
> * Is there some other reason for me not to work on
> this soon?
> * How should the source for this new functionality
> be organized?

There are no formalities - just start to edit the
sources and implement missed functionality. Do you
have any specific question? Read the documentation how
patches should be submitted.

> * Is there a standard (or exemplary) way to
> implement IEnumXXXX?  I'll be 
> needing IEnumCATID, IEnumCLSID, and

I have no idea and will let to answer experts if there
are any specifics, but did you search Wine sources for
implementation of other IEnumXXXXs?

> * What should I do when I think I have working code?

In short - send the patches to
wine-patches at Visit for
detailed information, this process is described there
very well.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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