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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Thu May 9 12:28:38 CDT 2002

Please, take a minute to review the list of component
owners and give me a feedback privately or throught
the mailing list.

We need to define component owners to assign bugs to.
These people do not necessarily have to fix the bugs
forwarded to them, but will have more detailed
knowlege about the status of the component, overview
progress in bugs fixing.

The component owners will receive bugs after they will
be processed by the first line of bugs handling,
confirmed, probably already researched, with detailed
information. Goal of the whole process is to reduce
load on you more experienced developers. You won't
have to tell "update your Wine distribution" in 100'th
time. A few contributors are already doing this for
you ;-)

So far only a few people took ownership over separate
* Guy L. Albetelli - common controls
* Dustin Navea - wine tools
* Andriy Palamarchuk - wine applications

List of candidates:
* Alexandre Julliard - wineserver, kernel, IPC
* Andreas Mohr - documentation, X11 driver
* Dimitrie O. Paun - GUI
* Laurent Pinchart - copy protection
* Hidenori TAKESHIMA - quartz, DirectShow (is the
scope too narrow?), DirectX (?)
* Dmitry Timoshkov - NLS, Unicode, keyboard I/O
* Francois Gouget - COM, OLE
* Martin Wick - sockets
* Huw Davies - TrueType support, printing

Available components:
* DOS support
* multimedia
* console
* files
* gdi
* loader
* net

Let me know what you would like to work on, if you
agree or not agree to own the component, change scope,
know good candidates.

I don't want to send bug reports to "black hole",
assigning them to a person which is not going to work
on them.

Look forward for your responses.
Andriy Palamarchuk

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