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Shachar jdates at
Thu May 9 15:16:15 CDT 2002

I was about to reply to your previous mail on this matter, suggesting 
myself as the component owner for BiDi. The reason I didn't do it was 
because I promised IBM, who have actually made some progress on the 
matter, I would wait a while longer for a decision to come whether they 
are able to relase their WINE BiDi support. This "while" is not over yet.

If they manage to relese their code, I think it is best someone from 
there take ownership of these things (of course, I would love to do so, 
but as I am doing this *off* hours, and they are doing it *on* hours, 
plus they have the code to back it up, I think it only makes sense. 
Don't want to take credit where it's not due).

If IBM come back with a negative answer, or don't come back with an 
answer at all within a reasonable time, I will start working on things 
myself. I would apretiate help from anyone who wishes to offer it, 
especially if they can read and write Arabic (it's been a long long 
while since I last tried, and I could never get the vocabulary).

If you are looking for an immediate scape-goat, use "winebugzilla at sun 
consumer org il"  as my email. This is a complicated anti-spam riddle 
that you are expected to solve in order to get to the real email used 
here. Say no more and live longer ;-).


Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:

>Please, take a minute to review the list of component
>owners and give me a feedback privately or throught
>the mailing list.
>We need to define component owners to assign bugs to.
>These people do not necessarily have to fix the bugs
>forwarded to them, but will have more detailed
>knowlege about the status of the component, overview
>progress in bugs fixing.
>The component owners will receive bugs after they will
>be processed by the first line of bugs handling,
>confirmed, probably already researched, with detailed
>information. Goal of the whole process is to reduce
>load on you more experienced developers. You won't
>have to tell "update your Wine distribution" in 100'th
>time. A few contributors are already doing this for
>you ;-)
>So far only a few people took ownership over separate
>* Guy L. Albetelli - common controls
>* Dustin Navea - wine tools
>* Andriy Palamarchuk - wine applications
>List of candidates:
>* Alexandre Julliard - wineserver, kernel, IPC
>* Andreas Mohr - documentation, X11 driver
>* Dimitrie O. Paun - GUI
>* Laurent Pinchart - copy protection
>* Hidenori TAKESHIMA - quartz, DirectShow (is the
>scope too narrow?), DirectX (?)
>* Dmitry Timoshkov - NLS, Unicode, keyboard I/O
>* Francois Gouget - COM, OLE
>* Martin Wick - sockets
>* Huw Davies - TrueType support, printing
>Available components:
>* DOS support
>* multimedia
>* console
>* files
>* gdi
>* loader
>* net
>Let me know what you would like to work on, if you
>agree or not agree to own the component, change scope,
>know good candidates.
>I don't want to send bug reports to "black hole",
>assigning them to a person which is not going to work
>on them.
>Look forward for your responses.
>Andriy Palamarchuk

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