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Sat May 11 23:42:56 CDT 2002

Andreas Mohr,
> >       I'd like to be listed under DOS, but I'm not good enough to be in charge of
> > anything.  Right now, I cannot even get wine to compile.  ( signal 11 on
> > control.c )
> Can you fetch older versions of control.c via CVS until you find one
> that doesn't bail out ?

	Signal 11, segfault, is commonly a memory problem.  My system has 128 Megs and
cat /proc/meminfo shows my system ram in excess of 127 million bytes.  128 Megs
is in excess of 131 million bytes.  
	I got it to work by removing the -O2 from the Makefile.  It's the copy of
control.c under the programs directory.  Once I got that one file to compile,
the rest of the source compiled easily.  This system might have problems of its

> Could you fix the current control.c then in order to make it compile
> again for you ?

	I'm running ecgs 2.91.66 .  My Glibc is 2.1.3.  It's probably time for an
	God Bless,
		--Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman

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