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Russell Howe rhowe at
Sun May 12 01:01:35 CDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-05-12 at 05:42, admiral coeyman wrote:

> 	Signal 11, segfault, is commonly a memory problem.
> 	I got it to work by removing the -O2 from the Makefile.

Optimisation causes the compiler to use quite a bit more memory, so any
memory errors are likely to trip it up. I'd run memtest on that box if I
were you. You'll probably get sig11's if you try to build the kernel as
well. It *could* be a gcc bug though (which I guess is why it was
suggested you should checkout an older version of the file, to see what
was tripping the bug, if anything). More likely hardware though.

*I* get sig11's when I start X using the mga driver and have no idea why
(it used to work then one day it didn't!). fbdev works just fine, and I
can't seem to trip any errors in the RAM so what it is I have no idea!

Russell Howe
rhowe at

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