Fix for commdlg on Mingw

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Mon May 13 08:51:35 CDT 2002

> > them in as replacements on NT/2K and see what breaks. Wineserver 
> > emulates Windows NT/2K be default right?
> No, wineserver does not emulate anything.

So once ported, will the higher level dlls from wine function on a
system? Ole*, Commdlg, Comctrl, shfolder, shlwapi, mapi, twain and
Are the target of my port. 

> > From what I gathered at wineconf and what I have
> > followed here, There really shouldn't be much work outside of the
> > already 
> > planned dll seperation. (Of course we already covered assumption)
> Not from the point of view of the ReactOS. Just look for 
> imports of gdi32, user32 and kernel32 on the real nt/w2k system.

I guess I should have been a little clearer. Wines Gdi32, user32 and
are not to much of a concern for me. ReactOS has its own implentation 
of Gdi32 and Kernel32 and most of the user32 functions are just
Forwards to Win32K.sys anyway. I understand that they are not going to 
Just a recompile + minor patch or two. The core ReactOS developers have 
adapted large parts of wines user32 functions in to our Win32k.sys  
However we are still lacking the default window proc and messaging. 

> Cygwin currently lacks a mechanism to transfer file handles 
> between processes (implementations of sendmsg and recvmsg are 
> incomplete), and therefore either they should be completed or 
> some other way around should be invented.

Sounds like fun. If I ever get done with the mingw side I will have
Project to beat my head over.


"Every revolution was once a thought in one man's mind"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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