Fix for commdlg on Mingw

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon May 13 21:07:16 CDT 2002

"Steven Edwards" <Steven_Ed4153 at>  wrote:

> So once ported, will the higher level dlls from wine function on a
> Windows/ReactOS 
> system? Ole*, Commdlg, Comctrl, shfolder, shlwapi, mapi, twain and
> others 
> Are the target of my port.

Sure, all Wine dlls which use only win32 APIs for their needs should
work on ReactOS. Besides dll separation there are other issues: direct
use of fork, getpid and similar "unixisms", direct access to unix file
system (DOSFS_GetFullName/open/mmap/etc), direct access for unix devices.


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