shortcuts doesn't work under wcmd

Insyde insyde at
Mon May 13 12:44:37 CDT 2002

I have a system that's working ok except for 
one more thing (Property sheet is under tests
since Guy sends a patch): It execute an external
.pif file. I've noticed that it doesn't work, old stuff, 
but it still works under win2k. 
It's used to call a bat.
I've compiled wcmd to substitutes cmd as it is a link to 
a .bat file. I made as a test 3 .bat (1.bat, 2.bat and 3.bat)
1 calls 2 
2 calls 3 
3 prints "DONE!", pause
if i execute $wcmd /c 1 it works just the same as win/dos
I have a 123.pif that is a link to 1.bat. I execute:
$wcmd /c 123.pif 
wcmd prints: invalid executable.
What could it be? Wasn't .pif support implemented?
If not, will it?

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