shortcuts doesn't work under wcmd

davep davep at
Mon May 13 15:24:38 CDT 2002

On Monday 13 May 2002 18:44, Insyde wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a system that's working ok except for
> one more thing (Property sheet is under tests
> since Guy sends a patch): It execute an external
> .pif file. I've noticed that it doesn't work, old stuff,
> but it still works under win2k.
> It's used to call a bat.
> I've compiled wcmd to substitutes cmd as it is a link to
> a .bat file. I made as a test 3 .bat (1.bat, 2.bat and 3.bat)
> 1 calls 2
> 2 calls 3
> 3 prints "DONE!", pause
> if i execute $wcmd /c 1 it works just the same as win/dos
> I have a 123.pif that is a link to 1.bat. I execute:
> $wcmd /c 123.pif
> wcmd prints: invalid executable.
> What could it be? Wasn't .pif support implemented?
> If not, will it?

No, wcmd doesn't execute .pif files.

To make it do that you would need to replace the code in wcmdmain.c lines 390 
to 409 with something involving a call to ShellExecute(). That function 
understands how to read .pif files and call the program you want. 
Unfortunately that would break several other things, particularly the ability 
to run batch files one line at a time - the batch file would not wait for one 
program to exit before starting the next. Unless you can find a workaround of 


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