Component owners 2

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Mon May 13 13:22:53 CDT 2002

Thanks everybody for the very active feedback.

List of developers who contacted me:
* Guy L. Albetelli - common controls
* Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman - DOS
* Huw Davies - TrueType support, printing, gdi
* Francois Gouget - Winelib, Winemaker, headers, icmp
* Dustin Navea - wine tools
* Mike McCormack - file system, serial port, named
pipes, SMB
* Marcus Meissner - COM, OLE
* Andreas Mohr - documentation, installers, memory
* Andriy Palamarchuk - wine applications
* Juergen Schmied - console, file open dialog

Developers who has not confirmed nor declined
suggestion to own a component:
* Alexandre Julliard - wineserver, kernel, IPC
* Laurent Pinchart - copy protection
* Dmitry Timoshkov - NLS, Unicode, keyboard I/O
* Martin Wick - sockets

Still available components:
* loader
* msvcrt
* x11drv
* window handling

Some developers are interested by areas which are not
components per se. For example - Andreas Mohr worked a
lot on installers issues and would like installer bugs
forwarded to him. The issue will be forwarded to a
person who is the most interested in an issue.
Everybody else is also welcome to give me your
particular areas of interest even if they do not match
component boundaries.

All the developers, QA engineers who is going to work
with Bugzilla, please create an account and request
privileges to change bugs status at
bugs at

You do not need to subscribe to wine-bugs if you are
not planning to work in the first line of the bugs
hanlding (handling of bugs with status UNCONFIRMED).

Please, let me know if I missed anybody.
Other comments are welcome too.


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