Getpagesize in libwine port.c on windows target

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Wed May 15 16:08:27 CDT 2002

I have two fixes for missing getpagesize on windows. Once this is done
the only thing that is stopping me from building libwine is the missing
refrences to _assert and _errorno. 

1. In xemacs they #define getpagesize() 4096 and it seems to work.

2. The other fix would be to use getsystem_info. I just can't make the
Getsystem_info workaround to work right. Here is a example.

/* getpagesize for windows */
long getpagesize (void) {
    static long g_pagesize = 0;
    if (! g_pagesize) {
        SYSTEM_INFO system_info;
        GetSystemInfo (&system_info);
        g_pagesize = system_info.dwPageSize;
    return g_pagesize;

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