wine/ ./ debugger/.cvsignore dlls ...

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed May 15 18:06:54 CDT 2002

Eric Pouech a écrit :
> >         Added winebuild support for generating a .dbg.c file containing the
> >         debug channels definitions.
> >         Made win32 the default type for spec files.
> >         Ignore C compiler in winebuild so we can simply pass it $(DEFS).
> >         Removed type win32 and debug_channels from spec files.
> >         Fixed winebuild to always generate correct C identifiers (reported by
> >         Vincent Béron).
> >
> one comment about this patch: the c correct identifier isn't perfect
> (program name can start with a digit, whereas C ident can't)
> A+

The function do what is intended for it to do: convert non-legal C
characters in identifiers into legal ones. It could be renamed though,
as the string it returns is used in the middle of other functions names,
not as a C identifier as a whole. So the starting character of the
program can be a digit, it won't end up at the beginning of a C

program name: 3-parts
output of function: 3_parts
That output is then used in a couple of function names:
__wine_dllexports_3_parts_functionfoo, __wine_spec_3_parts_init, etc.


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