opengl and borland C++ cause floating point exceptions

Ryan C. Stallings at
Mon May 20 12:26:15 CDT 2002

Hello all,
	I am trying to get the neverwinter nights model viewer running under wine.  
When viewing some models I start to get floating point errors.   I did a 
quick search on google and came up with the following post.

It seems the borland compiler (the one used in the viewer) does not turn off 
floating point exceptions by default while the Microsoft compiler does.  
Aparently the opengl library is known to cause floating point exceptions so 
when you put the two together bad things happened.  It looks like Microsoft 
fixed this incompatibility by wrapping a call to turn off floating point 
exceptions and then restore the previous mask around each opengl call.  Do I 
understand the problem correctly?  Does this sound like a resonable fix for 
wine too?  


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