Idea for people with priveleges

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Wed May 29 08:10:47 CDT 2002

--- Dustin Navea <speeddymon at> wrote:
> Anyone that can modify the layout of the BugZilla
> site
> should take this into consideration:
> People with priveleges as you know can pretty much
> do
> what they need to with a bug, i.e. if it is resolved
> and the person working on it forgot to set it as
> resolved, anyone with preveleges can do that.  But,
> what about if we havent heard from the reporter in a
> while and we need to knock the bug out, our only
> option is to ask the reporter if it has been
> resolved,
> tell them to try it with a recent wine build and to
> try some of the things mentioned in the comments,
> and
> then mark it as resolved and them after that mark it
> as closed, so it is shown as closed and not resolved
> on the bug list... 
> why not give people with priveleges the ability to
> close it without resolving it, so that they only
> have
> to make 1 post instead of 2?  Plus that way we have
> bugs that are actually resolved marked so, and ones
> that we are unsure of marked as closed but can
> always
> be reopened...

Why do you want to close such bug in the first place?
IMHO it is Ok to put the bug in the RESOLVED state and
wait some time if the original reporter provides
feedback or more information will become available.
Keeping the bug in RESOLVED state will insure that
somebody will look at the bug one more time.

Is this too many steps?

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