More regression errors ...

Mehmet YASAR myasar at
Wed May 29 11:42:49 CDT 2002

Paul Millar wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I've noticed that amongst last night's slew of patches, Mehmet's
 > regression tests were applied without his patches that correct wine's
 > behaviour. Wine now fails regression tests on all platforms.
 > If his patches are delayed for some reason, could/should we use todo_wine
 > to acknowledge that these failures are known? If so, I've attached a
 > trivial patch to do this for the tests that failed for me ...
 > ChangeLog:
 >    Mark failing regression tests as todo

I have been busy these days so I had not checked that my patch was
accepted or not.
Alexandre was right when he refused my first patch (the result was
different from Windows) but my last patch makes Wine behave exactly as
Windows ...


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