PATCH: not found

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Fri May 31 10:12:24 CDT 2002

Hmmm, I found some problems with this:

+print NEWMAKE  <<EOF;

shouldn't that be printf ?

+	\@if test -f /etc/ -a -z "`grep \$(libdir)
/etc/`" ; \\

shouldn't that be \$(LIBDIR)

+		echo "	Add the line '\$(libdir)' to
/etc/" ; \\

I think that escaping the $ in this line is
unnecessary as it this prints "$(libdir)" instead of
the contents of that variable, and also libdir should
be capitalized there too...

+		echo "	export

Same as above except that it doesn't apply to
\$LD_LIBRARY_PATH as we want "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" to be


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