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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Fri May 31 13:49:50 CDT 2002

Sorry for crossposting initial message to both lists.
I think the topic may be interesting for both - users
and developers. 

Any volunteers to help to translate the documentation
to languages other than English? This is very big job,
so there can be more than one person, working on the
same language.

Among responses to my call for volunteers I got
response from Pedro Restrepo suggesting his help in
Wine localization. See his message below.
Damian Wojslaw requested information on the same topic
on wine-users.

--- Pedro Restrepo <pedrores at> wrote:
> Hi Andiry,
> First, thank you and thanks to all people working on
> Wine. I am using
> Wine to run Lotus Notes Client on Linux. At the
> moment, we are testing
> it.
> I want to help on Wine project. I propose you one
> new work: Wine
> translation to spanish (documentation, installer,
> web site info, etc). I
> think in this work because I think this project is
> necessary for all
> people who need transition tools from Windows to
> Linux and there are
> many people in this situation in SouthAmerica (I am
> from Colombia and I
> am tired of the big payments for software in our
> poor nations).

Currently Wine does not have official documentation in
other languages. Some winelib applications are
localized to other languages.

Documents with highest priority for translation:
* README file
* Wine User Guide
* user-oriented pages on Winehq
Plus, we'll need to keep translations in sync with
original documentation.

Comments, ideas, suggestions?

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